SG Sub-Skills (Minigame) (PvP) SG Sub-Skills (Minigame) (PvP)
New fascinating mini-game by SG team, which is called Sub-Skills! It
SG King of the Hill (Minigame) (PvP) SG King of the Hill (Minigame) (PvP)
Classic mini-game which is called King of the Hill! It is classic
SG Bunker Brawl (Minigame) (PvP) SG Bunker Brawl (Minigame) (PvP)
New one PvP mini-game by SG Team, which is called Bunker Brawl! It is
Zombie: Assault (PvP) Zombie: Assault (PvP)
This game is similar to version Mega Assault. There is no any zombie
SG Punch PE: Original (PvP) SG Punch PE: Original (PvP)
Exciting map for multiplayer games which is based on popular game
Zombie: Mega Assault (PvP) Zombie: Mega Assault (PvP)
This map is not as the previous Assault version, in previous one, the
EggWars Map (PvP) (Minigame) EggWars Map (PvP) (Minigame)
New amazing PvP mini-game, which is available for big amount of
SS Olympian Factions Realm Map (PvP) SS Olympian Factions Realm Map (PvP)
This map is good for playing on multyplayer server or some realm, it
GCS QuakeCraft (PvP) (Minigame) GCS QuakeCraft (PvP) (Minigame)
Extreme PvP mini-game for you and your friends, here, as soon as you
Random Kit Swap Challenge Map (PvP) Random Kit Swap Challenge Map (PvP)
This map gives you opportunity to test your PVP skills, every minute,
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