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Sumo Fight (PVP) Map

Sumo Fight (PVP) Map

Would you like to be a sumo wrestler in the Minecraft world? If so, or you just want to have fun, then the new Sumo Battle map is what you need. On the new map, players can play a new mini-game with their friends and compete against each other. The main task of each sumo player is to push other players out of the tatami into the lava. For a fun game, about four players are needed to push each other.

Be careful and cunning to avoid being pushed into the lava. Here you can choose one of two available maps for the competition. One map will be represented as a circle and the other as a triangle. Below you can see how they will look and learn more about these maps.

Map types:

1. Circle: This is a fairly large map where you can find a lot of free space for fighting between friends and pushing each other out. As mentioned earlier, try to push all players out of this map so that they fall into the lava. Also, on the map, you can find an NPC with whom you can talk only if you die.

Screenshot of circle map:


2. Triangle: This map is a little smaller than the previous one, but the peculiarity of this is that sometimes bats will fly among you and will annoy you.

Screenshot of triangle map:


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