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New Bows Add-on 1.18+

New Bows Add-on

There are a lot of swords in Minecraft PE, but not so many types of bows. Only the shells for bows are different. Therefore, to fix this problem, you can use the New Bows mod. Assembly adds new types of long-range weapons. Each of them has unique abilities.

The addition contains several variants of bows. All are available in the creative inventory.

Shoots two arrows at once
New Bows Add-on 1.18+

Magnetic Bow
Blows up everything in a 12 meter radius in the area where the arrow hits

Spider Bow
Sends you into a spider web trap

Shulker Bow
Casts levitation on the enemy

Miner's Bow
Destroys a 3x3 area at point of impact, including bedrock and blocks from other add-ons

Health Bow
Regenerates pets or the player at impact point

Ice Bow
Creates an ice trap

Glowing Bow
Illuminates the point of impact and glows a bit in your hand

Explosive Bow
Blows up on the point of impact

Ender Bow
Teleports the player to the point of impact

Blaze Bow
Ignites a 3 by 3 block area on impact

Mini Bow
Turns a mob into a child version of the mob itself (doesn't work on creepers, spiders, etc.)

Smoke Bow
Applies blindness on hit (works even on the player himself)

Lightning Bow
Creates a powerful beam that can kill everyone

Discard Bow
Knocks enemies back and deals high damage.

How to get
To obtain a Bow of Lightning or Banish you must go to an archer in the village.
Only one bow may be sold by one archer


Changes in the new version V3.8
Added user interface
Version compatibility
Fixed bugs

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