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Maps in Minecraft are essentially the same mini-games, all the maps that we saw mostly carry something more than just a showcase of some items. That is why this section is for those players who like to try something new, to challenge themselves on the new maps, even if it’s just for fun. Here you can find the maps for every taste, PvP, parkour, puzzles, and others. All this looks like one big storage of games, for many, it is not a secret that most of the maps are created even with their own plot and history. Below we will try to tell you about the most popular types of maps in Minecraft PE.
SG King of the Hill (Minigame) (PvP) SG King of the Hill (Minigame) (PvP)
Classic mini-game which is called King of the Hill! It is classic
Random Parkour (Parkour) Random Parkour (Parkour)
Parkour map where you can truly challenge your skills and spend a
SG Parkour Pounce XMas (Parkour) SG Parkour Pounce XMas (Parkour)
Here is a new intense and action parkour map for you and your
Baldi’s Basics in Find The Button (Horror) (Minigame) Baldi’s Basics in Find The Button (Horror) (Minigame)
This type of game is pretty known for all the players of MCPE, it is
SG Bunker Brawl (Minigame) (PvP) SG Bunker Brawl (Minigame) (PvP)
New one PvP mini-game by SG Team, which is called Bunker Brawl! It is
{Evenhold} Drama Christmas Short Project (Adventure) {Evenhold} Drama Christmas Short Project (Adventure)
Adventure game which is telling us about Eve, the girl which is
Rainbow Highschool (Creation) Rainbow Highschool (Creation)
This map is represented to us as a pretty big and very colorful
SG Hide & Seek XMas (Minigame) SG Hide & Seek XMas (Minigame)
This hide and seek mini-game is truly well-made, and note, it is not
SG Perfect Pyramid Ep. 1 (Adventure) (Puzzle) SG Perfect Pyramid Ep. 1 (Adventure) (Puzzle)
Here is a new fascinating adventure map, which is called SG Pyramid!
Wii Rainbow Road Recreation (Roller Coaster) Wii Rainbow Road Recreation (Roller Coaster)
Do you remember the game Mario Kart Wii? It was released about ten
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Free Minecraft Maps for Download

In case if you want to have fun with your friends, the best type of the map for this is PvP maps, especially since you only need two people to play. We can tell you about hundreds of interesting maps, but it’s better not to spoil the impression, but simply download and try to play in any of the affordable maps for free! We will be happy about your feedback and comments about each game played, we read them and take note of all the comments. There is another type of maps, namely adventure. Basically, this type of map has its own plot, thoughtful history, and rules. From the other side, this type of maps is something similar to a role-playing game or one big quest. Many players, including us, have noticed that basically, for some reason, games in Minecraft of this category are horrors. There are a large number of these horror games, but we recommend you do not check them at night, even if these games have a very short plot!

And of course, everyone’s favorite type of the map is parkour. The thirst to overcome obstacles by improving your abilities. The main task is to get from point A to point B, by overcoming a long distance as soon as possible, overcoming various obstacles that you may encounter along the road. Special command blocks make this type of game more challenging and interesting. From now, with the help of special automated processes, you do not need to track where the players are. The only problem that a player may encounter is devices with poor performance. In general, this category will help you to improve your reaction, so do not linger now and start to play!
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