EggWars (PvP) (Minigame) EggWars (PvP) (Minigame)
New amazing PvP mini-game, which is available for big amount of
The Village & Pillage Update Map The Village & Pillage Update Map
New coming update for MCPE, which is updating and add a new biomes
Modern PvP Map Modern PvP Map
Forget about old PvP battles, which was before, nowadays, everybody
Futsal (Minigame) Futsal (Minigame)
This mini-game is pretty good, and the main difference of usual of
SG Infinite Mazes (Minigame) SG Infinite Mazes (Minigame)
Enjoy the new mazes by SG team, which is called Infinite Mazes. Here
cs_assault_big_kit Map (PvP) cs_assault_big_kit Map (PvP)
The new bigger map is available for MCPE players, which is called
Village & Pillage (Concept Map) (Creation) Village & Pillage (Concept Map) (Creation)
Here you can see the map which was represented on Minecon-2108, it is
Antoine City (Community Project) (Creation) Antoine City (Community Project) (Creation)
This world is represented city of medium size, where you can find a
SG DuoDrop Map (Minigame) SG DuoDrop Map (Minigame)
Unique concept of mini-game in Minecraft, which is called DuoDrop.
The Floor Kills 2 Map (Parkour) (Minigame) The Floor Kills 2 Map (Parkour) (Minigame)
Here is the second part of parkour mini-game — The Floor Kills-2. It
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