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More Ores Add-on 1.20+

More Ores Add-on

The More Ores mod enriches Minecraft with 17 new types of materials, 23 sets of armor, Hammers, Lumberjack Axes, and a plethora of new equipment. This means you'll have to delve into caves once again to mine ores for crafting even more advanced items.

- Lumberjack Axe
- Quickly breaks down tree trunks.
More Ores Add-on 1.20+

- Hammer
- Instantly breaks a 3x3 block area.

- Shovel
- Clears a 3x3 block area.

- Types of Equipment
- A vast array of new items is available. Below is just a snapshot:

- Information on armor protection.

- Information on armor durability.

- Information on tool durability.

- Information on Hammer durability.

- Information on Lumberjack Axe durability.

- Information on ore generation.

- Speed Talisman

- Haste Talisman

- Jump Boost Talisman

- Enhancement Talisman

- Iron Coin

- Textures of ores.

- New blocks.

- Varieties of apples.

- Varieties of carrots.

- Armor patterns.

Changes in the new version
Changed the durability of enchanted items
Fixed the display of Helmets
Changed the textures of Emerald equipment
Added Emerald Ore
Added Enhanced Adamantite

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