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Vanilla Hammers Add-on 1.19

Vanilla Hammers Add-on

Classic hammers for MCPE from the creator of the Vanilla Hammers mod. As a rule, hammers are used to quickly break several blocks at once. This addition is no exception. We'll get several types of hammers to quickly break down blocks and extract materials. Tools are available from all the materials that exist in the game. Each differs in damage, durability and speed of breaking blocks.

Weapons will break a 3 by 3 block area. The weapons can be enchanted with pickaxe enchantments.

Bone Hammer
Vanilla Hammers Add-on 1.19

Debris Hammer

Wooden Hammer

Stone hammer

Coal Hammer

Gold Hammer

Copper hammer

Iron hammer

Diamond Hammer

Nether hammer

Breaking Blocks

Changes in the new version
Added excavators

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