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Tools and Armor Add-on 1.17+

Tools and Armor Add-on

You can never have too much armor and tools. Especially in our favorite game. That's why the Tools and Armor mod will provide us with everything we need for comfortable survival. The build adds large axes, pickaxes and even hoes that can mine several blocks at a time.

Large pickaxes.
Crafted from a variety of materials
Mining blocks by area (stone or deep shale)

Great Axes
Crafted from different materials
Destroys all wood (not always though)

Large Hoes
Crafted from a variety of materials
Gathers all leaves

Remelting Tools
Must be fueled with a block of charcoal after crafting
After extraction with a 5% chance of running out of fuel, so you need to add another block of coal
Shovel Melts sand, red sand, and sandstone End (with Endcraft add-on)
Kirk melts iron, copper, gold, stone, cobble and custom ores
Axe burns all wood

Amethyst Armor
Is created from Amethyst ingots
Has a spike effect (deals damage to enemies when hit)
Similar to Iron Armor

Slime and End Slime
Can create ingots and armor
Boots: Immunity to Falling Damage
Leggings: Jump increase
Bib: Mobs stick to the player
Helmet: Slugs do not attack the player
End Slime is created from gold ingot
Slime Slug is created from copper ingot

Invisible Diamond
Can create armor and weapons
Visible in inventory, but armor or weapons will be invisible on the user


Quick Mines Pick
Mines all types of ores
Can be turned into a re-melting pick for fast mining with 8 stoves

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