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Endcraft Add-on 1.17+

Endcraft Add-on

The End will no longer be so boring and lifeless. With the Endcraft mod, you can add many biomes to The End, so that the player will have something to see and explore in the Minecraft world. In addition to biomes, there will be new structures, blocks, mobs, and more.

Hell Forest.
- New trees will grow here, from which basic items can be created.
Endcraft Add-on 1.17+

Warped End.
- The most boring but peaceful biome. Twisted vines can be used to create paper.

Ash Waste.
- A cactus grows here and a new kind of sand appears. You can create a stick or dye from the cactus.

Bloody Hills.
- A thick mist and new stems.

- Now you can plant on obsidian and grow blood wheat.

Blood bread.

Pearls of the End.
- Ore drops 1-3 units of an item.

- Similar to iron.

Museum of the End.
- Contains random blocks inside.

Broken End Portal

Slug of the End.
- Drops the End slime, takes water damage, and teleports.

Other Mobs
- Void Phantom.
- Warped Pig
- Hell cow

Hovering Swarm
- Neutral
- Occasionally attacks
- Damage: 1 Heart
- Drop Soul

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