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Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans Add-on

Let's go to the Godzilla universe. Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans mod adds nothing but creepy and extremely dangerous monsters collected throughout the Godzilla universe. Most of them are completely unfamiliar to us, since they only appeared in the King of Monsters comics. However, the new survival in Minecraft promises to be interesting and extremely challenging.

Health: 1300000
Damage: 34000
Tail Attack: 98000
Atomic Breath: 24000
Can be revived by a power source or thermonuclear bomb
Can be armored
Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans Add-on 1.18/1.17+

Godzilla Armored
Health: 1300000
Damage: 38000
Atomic Impulse: 98000
Atomic Breath: 31000
Can be revived by a power source or thermonuclear bomb

Energized Godzilla
Health: 1200000
Damage: 34000
Tail Attack: 98000
Atomic Breath: 29,000
Can be revived by a power source or thermonuclear bomb
Can be turned into a thermonuclear Godzilla

Thermonuclear Godzilla
Health: 99800000
Damage: 58000
Thermonuclear Pulse: 999973
Ring of Fire: 88950
Most Powerful Boss

Godzilla (2014)
Health: 920000
Damage: 32,000
Tail attack: 93000
Atomic Breath: 10000

Health: 850000
Tail Attack: 85000
Atomic Breath: 15,000

Health: 900000
Damage: 32000
Critical Hit: 98000
Severe Impact: 99,000
Can be revived or equipped with an axe

Kong with an Axe
Health: 930000
Damage: 38000
Critical Hit: 99400
Axe Punch: 99400
Severe Blow: 99400
Can be made an ally

Mech Godzilla
Health: 1465000
Damage: 43000
Heavy Hit: 97000
Missiles: 10000
Proton Scream: 30000
Can be revived with a block of redstone

Health: 1950000
Damage: 43000
Superattack: 30000
Graviton Beam: 27000

Health: 997000
Damage: 36,000
Destructive Attack: 99400
Sonic Roar: 25,000

MUTO Queen
Health: 720000
Damage: 23,000
Electromagnetic Pulse: 87400

MUTO Female
Health: 650000
Damage: 23000

MUTO male
Health: 390000
Damage: 8500
Electromagnetic Pulse: 15000

Health: 800000
Damage: 22000
Defeat: 85,000

Mokele Mbembe
Health: 750000
Damage: 37000

Health: 850000
Damage: 25000

Health: 500000
Damage: 35000

Health: 880000
Damage: 28000
Earthshock: 93000

Health: 650000
Damage: 23000
Poison Breath: 15200

Health: 640000
Damage: 20,000

Health: 650000
Damage: 23000
Thunderous Roar: 15200

Health: 840000
Damage: 10000
Flame of Death: 14000

Health: 870000
Damage: 32000
Ground Blow: 95000

Health: 580000
Damage: 8850
Tail attack: 10200

Health: 750000
Damage: 9,500
Nascock: 9,500

Health: 500000
Damage: 8700
Godbeam: 90,000
When dying, if there is a dead Godzilla nearby, she will come close and revive it, causing it to die completely

Monster Egg

Monster Larva
Health: 2000
Damage: 29

Health: 880000
Damage: 9830
Sound Squealer: 14000
Summons Minions

Bone Crawler
Health: 550,000
Damage: 10000

Ultimate Bone Crawler
Health: 90000
Damage: 3500

Health: 95000
Damage: 4800

Health: 65000
Damage: 1900

Health: 455
Damage: 95
The cub can be tamed with a bone
Forages on meat
Can be ridden by a tame mob

Rock Critter
Health: 190
Damage: 9.5

Health: 50
Damage: 4
Elevates into the air and drops

Kong 1973
Health: 2520
Damage: 250
Can be fed with Wheat
Grows to advanced Kong species

Health: 350
Damage: 90

Sker Buffalo.
Health: 58 units. Large has 115 units.
Damage: 20 units. The Big One has 50 damage.

Spore Mantis
Health: 150
Damage: 14

Mother of Spore Mantis
Health: 30
Damage: 10

Jackal of Death

Leaf Wing
Damage: 2
If poisoned, will attack anything that moves

Monarch Turret

Apex Turret

Soldier Monarch

Apex Soldier

Thermonuclear Bomb
Can be activated with a lighter

Oxygen Destroyer
Can be activated by means of a lighter.
Kills all titans except Hydora

Hollow Earth Vehicle
Can carry up to 6 passengers
Can revive Kong
Use the lever and crouch while pushing the transport. If you see a timer, it means Kong will be resurrected soon

Godzilla Skull

Kong's Skull

Hydora Skull

Changes in the new version
Changed the damage of thermonuclear Godzilla
Hydora got electric particles
Changed size of dead Hydora and Baphomet
Changed hitboxes of mobs
Mecha Godzilla does not apply slowdowns
Fixed glitches
Modified search radius of the target

Godzilla and Kong Rise Of The Titans Add-on 1.18/1.17+

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