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Mod of Randomness Add-on 1.18+

Mod of Randomness Add-on

The Mod of Randomness is a massive addition that will completely change the gameplay in Minecraft Bedrock. The build changes literally every element in the game, from blocks to entire dimensions. The game will have new biomes, mobs, weapons, bosses, materials and more. Survival will become times more interesting, as you will have to explore the new world.

All new items have unique features: the possibility of teleportation, enhancement, lightning call and more.

New Weapons
Mod of Randomness Add-on 1.18+

New Blocks

Magic staffs

New Materials

Armor and Weapons

New Biomes

Improved world of the End

Astral Lands
Generated above level 200 in the dimension of End

Custom types of workbenches

Dreadon Dungeon.

Over 300 new recipes and a bunch of new features.


V3.1 The Exhume Update
You need to make an item called exhumed Terminus to interact with a new enchanting system

V3.2 Holy and Midnight Update V2

Update 4.1

Changes in the new version
We've added new mobs
We added structures
Added biomes
Added blocks and items
Changed the behavior of monsters
Changed biomes
Changed items
Fixed bugs

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