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SpongeBob and Gary Add-on

SpongeBob and Gary Add-on

Perhaps there isn't a person who has never heard of SpongeBob. It's a legendary cartoon series that still has wild popularity to this day. If you love the adventures of SpongeBob and his pet Gary, then add the SpongeBob and Gary mod to your Minecraft. The build adds many creatures and items from this cartoon to the block world.


Most of the mobs have 150-300 health each. SpongeBob has 50 health. To tame him you will need a crab cake, jellyfish bread, jellyfish pie, double crab burger, seaweed, seaweed soda, sea nut, and stinky ice cream. Feeding requires cookies, sweet berries, or seaweed sweets.

Gary is tamed with a double crab burger, cookies, seaweed fries and a crab cake.

Bubble is tamed with a soapy bottle.You can ride and not take fallback damage.

List of Mobs

SpongeBob SquarePants
KK SpongeBob
Sponge Bob the Fisherman
Sponge Bob with ripped pants
Sponge Bob with nice pants
Sponge Bob Karate
Sponge Bob with bubbles
Sponge Bob the mermaid
Sponge Bob brainiac pants
Sponge Bob underpants
Sponge Bob on the Patrick Star Show
Tiny Sponge Bob
Squeaky Sponge Bob boots
Sponge Bob and Gary
Gary the Snail
SpongeBob the Ghost
SpongeBob Monitor
SpongeBob and Gary Add-on


The air helmet helps you go deep into the seas. Can be bought in SpongeBob the jellyfish


You can use a pencil to spawn a drawn Sponge Bob.

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