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The Wild Update Concept Add-on 1.17+

The Wild Update Concept Add-on

Another 1.19 update concept is The Wild Update. This time, The Wild Update Concept mod will add even more diverse features, which will not officially appear until next year in the upcoming update. The build includes biomes, mobs, blocks and more.

Deep Dark.
Generated below level zero
4 new mobs and 2 structures

Deep Dark castle.
Lots of interesting things to explore

Sculkefied Bee
Spawn in the dark depths and attack players
Lots of damage
Immune to Fire

Sculkefied Zombies
Spawn in the depths of darkness and attack players
Immunity to Fire
Drop: Sculk flesh, which imposes a slowdown instead of starvation, but satiates more

Sculkefied Skeleton
Drops Sculk bones which can be used to make bone meal

Sculkefied Ant
Rather annoying creature

Sculkerium Ore.
Can create ingots, and can use the ingots to create armor
When wearing armor, the player is not attacked by Sculk mobs

Block Crafting

Sculk Blocks
Sculk catalyst
Sculk Screamer
Sculk vein
Sculk clamp - begins to eat the stepped one

Sculkefied veins
You can create a mossy brick from Sculk veins

No use

Mud and mud brick

Ore in a Sculkefied stone

Hollow wood

The Wild Update Concept Add-on 1.17+

Sometimes with bugs


Cobble and cobble deep shale is generated naturally

Birch Biome
Biome Concept

Changes in the new version
Changed textures of sculk bees, sculk skeletons and zombies
Changed block functions
Fixed bugs
Reduced the frequency of structures
Modified sculkerium ore recipe

The Wild Update Concept Add-on 1.17+

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