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World Wild Animals Add-on 1.19+

World Wild Animals Add-on

The World Wild Animals mod adds a lot of new animals to Minecraft. Each animal will get unique features, behavior, characteristics, and of course, models. The developer will be updating the build and each time introducing new mobs in different biomes.

So far the update will change the savannah biome, but there will be more features in the future.

Spawn: cold biomes (in colonies)
Hunts fish
Avoid polar bears
Breeding: Salmon
Lay eggs after breeding
Tempt with Salmon
Damage: 3
Health: 10
World Wild Animals Add-on 1.19+

Spawn: cold biomes
Breeding and Tempt: Salmon
Hunts fish
Avoids polar bears
Damage: 6
Health: 15

Spawn: Cold biomes and mountains
Breeding and Tempt: Bread

Spawn: savannah
Taming: acacia leaves.
Can be ridden with a saddle.
Tempted by acacia leaves
Can be given away a chest
Damage: 9
Health: 40

Bombardier Beetle
Spawn: Savannah
Drop: Dead Bombardier Beetle
Reproduces and is Tempted by grass.
If mobbed on a plant, it will speed up its growth
Health: 5

Spawn: Savannah (in groups)
Reproduces and is tempted by wheat
Drop: Horn of the Gazelle
Escapes from players if you don't sneak

Spawn: Savannah (more often in rivers)
Attacks anyone who attacks group members
Can be washed out with a bucket of water
Tempted by grass (baby hippos only)
Swims underwater
Sleeps during the day
Picks up things and eats them
Damage: 11
Health: 35

Spawn: Savannah
Can be traded if given a fish.
Breeds with a dead bombardier beetle.
Attacks rabbits, fish, and chickens
Damage: 3
Health: 10

Spawn: Savannah
Breeding and Tempting: Grass
Lays eggs when breeding
Attacks anything that attacks a member of the pack
Damage: 6
Health: 25

Acacia Leaf
Used to feed elephants

Dead Bombardier Beetle
Drops out of the Dead Bombardier Beetle.
Can be eaten
Used for meerkats

Gazelle Horn
Drop by gazelle
Can be made into a block

Can be purchased from meerkats
Can create poison potion
Can be eaten


Water Tank
Functions like a cauldron

Horn Block

Ostrich egg
Appears when an ostrich reproduces
Hatching ostrich

Changes in the new version
Added three new mobs
Changed the textures of the spawn eggs
Fixed ostrich eggs behavior
fixed bugs

World Wild Animals Add-on 1.19+

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