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Fezario Animal Add-on 1.18+

Fezario Animal Add-on

Fezario Animal mod increases the number of wild animals that will appear in the expanses of Minecraft. If you love animals and want more animals in the block world, then use this add-on. All the mobs will appear naturally, which means you can apply the addition in survival mode.

Allows you to check the attack animations of all creatures
Fezario Animal Add-on 1.18+

Health: 20 units
Damage: 6
Spawn: Jungle
Attacks players, dummies, chicken, cow, pig, sheep, villager

Health: 25
Damage: 12
Spawn: Desert, Savannah
Breeds with beets, carrots, wheat, tall grass

River Turtle
Health: 16
Spawn: River

Koi Fish
Health: 7
Spawn: jungle, taiga

Health: 10
Spawn: Warm Ocean

Health: 30
Damage: 14
Spawn: Cold Ocean
Attacks sea lion, shark, and dummy

Health: 20
Damage: 7
Spawn: Savannah
Attacks brigands, zombies, dummy

Health: 7
Spawn: Warm Ocean

Sea Lion
Health: 15
Spawn: Beach, rocky beach

Health: 18
Damage: 6
Spawn: Warm Ocean
Attacks sea lion, guardian, squid

Health: 15
Damage: 11
Spawn: Warm Ocean
Attacks a drowned man, dummy

Health: 18
Damage: 15
Spawn: Jungle
Attacks drowned dummies

Health: 6
Spawn: Jungle

Fighting Fish
Health: 6
Spawn: jungle, taiga

Komodo Dragon
Health: 18
Damage: 4 points
Spawn: mesa
Attacks players, dummies, chicken, cow, pig, sheep, villager
Drop: Lizard skin.
Can be tamed by rotting flesh.
Breeds chicken, rabbit, suspicious soup

Health: 18
Damage: 5
Spawn: River.
Attacks fish, players, dummies, chicken, cow, pig, sheep, villager

Baby Crocodile
Health: 5
Breeds with Fish, Salmon, and Spider Eye
Spawn: Jungle

The Hedgehog
Health: 10
Spawn: Forest.
Breeds with beets, carrots, melons

Half Fish
Health: 4

Health: 50
Damage: 8
Spawn: Basalt Deltas
Breeds carrots and hellbug

Nio Dragon
Health: 10
Damage: 3
Spawn: Extreme Hills
Attacks goats, cats, sheep

Acacia Bush
Spawn: Savannah and Desert

Small cactus and dry grass
Spawn: savannah and desert

Magnesium, Magnesium ingot, and Magnesium sword

Reptile Skin Bib

Destroyed Structure
Spawn: Forest, Jungle, Ice Plains

Old Shelter
Spawn: Forest, Jungle

Changes in the new version
Added three new mobs
Turtles can be caught in buckets
Ostriches can be ridden after taming
Hedgehogs and baby crocodiles can be tamed

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