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CRaft Survival Map

CRaft Survival map

CRaft Survival map was inspired by the player Raft. In this game, the user survives in the ocean, getting his food only by fishing. Similarly, survival will take place in Minecraft. No land in the game - only the ocean and your lonely raft. Surviving will be extremely difficult, but not impossible.

You'll spawn on a small raft in the middle of the ocean with a chest.

Use a harpoon to pick up floating objects. Stay out of the ocean: the shark is constantly waiting for its prey.

Press the sneak button to reload the harpoon. Use the recipe below To repair .

You can find various things in the ocean. For example, planks that can be used to make complete boards.

You can also find scraps of metal.

In the furnace they will give ingots or nuggets of iron.

From wooden crates drop valuable things.

And the most interesting is the lost treasure in the depths of the ocean.

There is also a thirsty streak. So you'll have to drink purified water all the time.

In addition, there will often be a merchant to sell things.

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