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ReplayCraft Add-on 1.20+

ReplayCraft Add-on

For those looking to create their own cinematic masterpieces in Minecraft, the ReplayCraft mod is an excellent choice. This addon stands out for its ease of use and minimal lag during operation, making it ideal for crafting high-quality Minecraft videos.

ReplayCraft Add-on 1.20+

How It Works:
- In the settings, select one of the following items:
- Dirt
- Sand
- Netherrack
- End Stone
- Flint
- Coal
- Charcoal
- To start, use a long press with the selected item in hand to open the menu.

- Add Position Frames: Set points for camera movement.
- Start Camera: Initiates the recording.
- Camera Settings: Customize camera settings.
- Particle Settings: Adjust particle effects.
- Remove all Frames: Clears all set points.
- Player's AOC/Pitch: Set the camera's angle of view and pitch.
- Player's Direction: Change the camera's direction.

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