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Elingo's End Update Add-on 1.20

Elingo's End Update Add-on

Would you like to change the existing dimension of the End in your Minecraft world? If yes, then the new addon that updates the End world is what you need. The new addon will change the world of the End so that it will be transformed into large purple forests. Also, a new type of ore which is called Enderit will be added to the End world.

Players can use new ore to craft new items, namely armor or any new tools. A special feature of the new ore is that items made using it will be more durable and stronger than those made from netherite. Let's take a look at the features of the addon below.

Features of the addon

As mentioned earlier, the new addon that updates the End turns your world of the End into a large purple forest, and also adds a new type of ore that players can use to craft new items, namely armor or any new tools.

In order for the player to start his new exciting survival, it is necessary to use a diamond pickaxe, which the players will need so that they, in turn, can mine enderite ore.

Please note that when mining enderite ore, raw enderite will drop.

After the player receives the raw enderite, you need to smelt it to get the ingot of enderite.

In addition to the new ore, players can also find such types of ores as iron and diamond.

Players can also find End Berry Bushes. These bushes are generated randomly across the entire dimension. In order for players to be able to farm bushes, it is necessary to use scissors.

Below you can see screenshots of the structures that will be added to the End dimension.

1.End wall:

End wall

2.Ruins of the End:

End Ruin

3.House of the End:

End House

4. Also, players can use the ax and get the trimmed logs of the end. To do this, using an ax, press the right mouse button.

trimmed logs of the end

5.Brick end with cracks:

Cracked End Bricks

6.Polished End Stones:

Polished End Stone

7.Polished End Stone Slabs:

Polished End Stone Slabs

8.Polished Stone End Stair:

Polished End Stone Stairs

9.Mossy brick:

Mossy End Bricks

10.Mosy Brick Slabs:

Mossy End Brick Slab

11.Mossy Brick Stair:

Mossy End Brick Stairs


End Planks

13.Wood slab:

End Wood Slabs

14.Stair of wood:

End Wood Stairs

Also, players can create paths and entire farms on a block of grass:

Elingo's End Update (1)

Elingo's End Update (2)

Elingo's End Update Add-on 1.20

Changes in the new version
Updated all blocks
Fixed generation
Fixed blocks and items
Improved Edge Fruit

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