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Jurassic Addon Public Beta

Did you know that dinosaurs lived on our planet more than 60 million years ago? These huge, strong, and dexterous creatures roamed the earth's surface in search of food and nests. At that time, there were different dinosaurs, from small in size to the palm of your hand, to those with a very long neck, as an average five-story building, or with large teeth and a powerful jaw that could bite any other creature in half with one bite.
From now on, each player has the opportunity to return them back to the world again, but only to your Minecraft world!

Jurassic Addon - this is a fairly large and voluminous add-on that, in addition to new creatures, adds a large number of new unique items, armor, blocks, and even unique new areas. Let's take a closer look at this addon.

The first thing we will start with is fossil ore. This is a new unique ore that was added to the Minecraft world with the aim of using it in the future to create dinosaurs. The new ore is generated in almost any Y-coordinate of almost every biome.

Find and get as many different dinosaur fossils as possible so that you can create dinosaurs.

Below you can see exactly what the aforementioned new ore looks like:

Fossil Ore

Also, below you can see other fossils in the screenshot about which we will tell you below (these are the fossils of other dinosaurs that will also inhabit your Minecraft world):

other fossils in the screenshot

In addition to the fossil ore, another ore will also be added to your world with which players can extract and use dinosaur DNA. The new ore is called Permafrost! Below you can see how this ore looks in the Minecraft world:


We also draw your attention to the fact that this ore allows players to get such useful resources as bones and meat of such a creature as Dodo (previously you could see them in the cartoon Ice Age):

Dodo bones and frozen Dodo

DNA is one of the necessary building blocks that you need in order for you to be able to create a dinosaur. In general, we want to note that you need three blocks to create a dinosaur.

Get useful resources and materials by sifting through materials such as gravel, mud, and unknown fossils. Please note that this process may not always give you the desired result. We also recommend that you use a special craft table. a light gray carpet and the same fossils of an unknown type.

After that, you can start crafting items such as a syringe and storage disk. Below you can see the crafting recipes for these tools:

crafting recipes tools

crafting recipes tools (1)

crafting recipes tools (2)

crafting recipes tools (3)

But how do you extract DNA? In order for the player to be able to extract DNA from any fossils, you need a special mechanism called an extractor.

Below you can see the crafting recipe for this mechanism:

the extractor craft

After you have crafted the previously mentioned mechanism called the extractor, you need to transfer the extracted DNA to a special storage disk that you previously crafted. Next, the player needs to align the disc in order to get DNA. To do this, continue the alignment process and after receiving the DNA, place it in the syringe!

extracting DNA to disk for storage

extracting DNA to disk for storage (1)

Finishing off the dinosaur creation process is that the players need to create eggs. To do this, you need a mechanism such as a Cultivator. But where to find this mechanism? Craft, of course! You can see the recipe for crafting below:


Cultivator (1)

Finally, the player needs to combine the chicken egg and the resulting DNA from your research. As a result of this combining, you will get a dinosaur egg. After a certain period of time, this egg will give new life to the Minecraft world, namely a dinosaur!

DNA and chicken egg

DNA and chicken egg (1)

Now an equally important part of the add-on is a new weapon!

In general, the addon adds seven new and unique types of weapons. Let's take a look at each type of weapon separately.

Weapon types:

1. Tooth spear, this is a weapon that can deal 6 damage to its target and has 200 durabilities. Below you can see the crafting recipe:

The ToothSpear

2. The Fossil Spear has the same damage indicators but differs in that it has 500 durabilities.

The Fossil Spear

3. Very interesting and unique type of weapon Dodo Meat! This is a frozen piece of meat that players can use for battle. In general, this is not a very effective type of weapon, but unlike others, this weapon has fairly large durability. You can find this weapon from Permafrost. To use it as food, just use a furnace to melt this item in it, after which you will receive raw meat of Dodo bird.

The frozen Dodo meat

4. Do you know what Thagomizer is? These are protective spines at the end of the tail, characteristic only of dinosaurs such as stegosaurs. The new weapon type is one such spike. The new weapon is the Thagomizer Thorn Sword. An additional type of such sword will also be added, but only crafted from Fossils. This sword can deal 10 damage to its target. A similar type of sword but made from Fossil can deal 9 damage to its target. Below you can see what these swords look like:

The Thagomizer Sword and the Fossil Thagomizer Sword

5. One more type of sword will be available to every player, namely the Sickle. This sword can deal 5 damage to its target, and a similar type of sword but make from Fossil deals 4 damage to its target. You can find crafting recipes below:

The Sickle Swords

The Sickle Swords craft

The Sickle Swords craft (1)

Now let's look at something without which we cannot feel safe, namely Armor!

To date, unfortunately, players are only presented with one type of armor. This is a new unique type of armor called Armor of Bone! This armor has 200 durabilities and increases health by 80 points.

Players can craft any piece of armor, for this use the following crafting recipes:

the Bone Armor craft (1)
the Bone Armor craft (2)
the Bone Armor craft (3)
the Bone Armor craft (4)
the Bone Armor craft (5)

Recipes for crafting other materials:

1. Dinosaur legs:

Dino legs

2. Dinosaur ribs:

Dino ribs

3. Legs of the Stegosaurus:

Stegosaurus Feet

4. New volcanic brick block:

Volcanic Bricks

5. Cracked Volcanic Brick Block:

Cracked Volcanic Bricks

6. Block of volcanic rock:

Smooth Volcanic Rock

7. Block of volcanic rock with carved figures:

Block of volcanic rock with carved figures

Below you can see all the available blocks and how they look in the game. Players can use these blocks at their discretion, both for decorations and simply for building a house or any other structures.

the Volcanic set of blocks

The game also features a new biome called Volcanic Land. This biome can only be found in places where there is a warm or hot climate. It is this biome that will become a new source of resources for players such as the volcanic block. But don't underestimate this place as it can be dangerous here. Be careful and look around.

Volcanic Land

Now the most interesting thing is the creatures without which it would not be so interesting to explore this world, namely the Dinosaurs!

Dinosaur types:

1. Dangerous and hostile predators Dilophosaurus. These creatures can deal 9 damage to their targets. The movement speed is the same as that of wolves. Use cooked meat (not fish) to breed this creature. This type of dinosaur sleeps at night and can be tamed by the player using bones. Below you can see how they look:


2. The next creature is called Nautilus. This creature is one of the relatives of mollusks. These are not hostile creatures that will not attack players. These creatures live only in the ocean. Players can catch them for their aquariums, as well as use them as a food source for other creatures that live in the ocean. Below you can see how they look:


3. A well-known bird from the no less famous cartoon Ice Age, the Mauritian dodo, or as it is also called the Dodo bird! It is not a hostile creature that looks like a bird. Breed these creatures with seeds and can be tied. Note that this creature cannot be saddled. Below you can see how they look:

Dodo Bird

Dodo Bird (1)

4. Another huge creature will be added to your Minecraft world, namely Stegosaurus. This dinosaur is quite large, and can also deal 20 damage to its target, and has 50 health points. This creature will not attack first until you hit it. Players can tame the dinosaur using a stick. These creatures sleep at night. Use sugar or honey to tame this creature. Below you can see how they look:


Stegosaurus (1)

5. You've probably already seen these creatures in different films, they are called Velociraptors. This creature is small in size, very fast, and dangerous. They enjoy hunting rabbits and pigs. Use the bone to tame it. You can breed them using meat. These creatures sleep during the day. They have the same characteristics as ordinary wolves in the Minecraft world. Below you can see how they look:


6. A very rare fish called Coelacanths. These are large fish that only live in the ocean. We do not recommend eating their meat, it is dangerous to health. Below you can see how they look:


Coelacanth (1)

7. A terrifying flying creature called Pteranodons. But in the Minecraft world, these creatures will not be hostile. Use the nautilus shell to tame it. These dinosaurs sleep at night. In general, they eat fish.


Pteranodon (1)

Pteranodon (2)

Note: Do not forget to activate the Experimental game mode!

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