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JOJO: The Beginning Of The New World Add-on 1.20+

JOJO: The Beginning Of The New World Add-on

Are you a JoJo fan? Add Stands and a multitude of abilities to Minecraft with the JOJO: The Beginning Of The New World mod. All these features work even in survival mode.

Golden Slot
The last slot in the quick access inventory will be golden.
These are the assembly settings.
To apply, click on the slot and squat twice.
A menu will appear with instructions for each Stand (if you have one).
JOJO: The Beginning Of The New World Add-on 1.20+

In the settings, you can change the textures of the Stand.

Acquiring Stands
There are two ways to obtain Stands:
First: Stand Arrow
- 100% chance of obtaining, but you must survive under the Wither effect for 20 seconds (or 40 if you're unlucky).
- The arrow can be obtained in Suspicious Sand.
- It can also be crafted, but requires Meteorite Pieces, which need to be smelted.
Second: Stand disk from creative mode.

Star Platinum
- Can stop time.
- Using the Stand accumulates points.
- Upon reaching a certain number of points, the Stand will evolve.
- After evolution, new abilities will appear.
- Put a Harpoon or Bullet in the left hand to get new abilities.

The World Stand
- Can stop time.
- Can evolve.

Hierophant Green
- Long-range combat.
- Has a piloting mode.

Hermit Purple
- Put a Camera in the left hand and use 1 ability: you can find different structures.
- After selecting, hold the 1 ability and squat twice.

Additional Information
- Branches of Locacaca fall from Zombies. Combine them with Oak, and you can plant a tree that provides certain character enhancements.
- To reload the Pistol, put bullets in the left hand and apply the item.

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