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SCP Site - 42 Map

SCP Site - 42 Map

Have you already played on one of the SCP projects? If so, then you probably already know what it is and what interesting and exciting places and challenges it can present to you. For those who do not know SCP, this is a fictitious organization whose name consists of an abbreviation of the words Secure, Contain, Protect.

This organization deals with various issues related to anomalous phenomena that can occur on earth, as well as with various anomalous objects and subjects. This organization has certain secret places in which there may be different laboratories, experimental rooms, and various anomalous and dangerous creatures are stored. That is why today we present you with a new really large SCP-style map called Site-42.

This is a full-scale and large SCP area that has four sectors, such as an entrance area, a special surface, and light and heavy containment areas. Players can explore any available area, for this, you can use a special map, and most importantly, special pass keys! The passkey is presented in the form of a card that is used in the elevator.

This is a very interesting adventure map that will keep you busy for hours of exploration. Let's take a look at the features of this map below.

Map features

As mentioned earlier, the new SCP Site-42 consists of four zones, below you can see a map of four zones:

SCP Site (2)

The new map is a very good place for role-playing games as each player can have their own roles and specific jobs. In order for each player to have a specific role, it is necessary to play in a group (multiplayer mode). Some characters who will play certain roles may have certain levels and ranks.

The more you play the more your level and rank becomes. Let's consider below what are the available roles for this map:

1. Personnel D;
2. Researcher (levels/ranks from 1 to 4);
3. Military security (ranks from ordinary private to lieutenant colonel are available);
4. Employees of housing and communal services;
5. Mobile Task Forces Epsilon-11 or as they are also called the Nine-Tailed Fox because of the emblem of this group. Available ranks from ordinary cadets to commanders);
6. Employees of the special ethics committee;
7. Representatives of the Serpent's Hand organization (ranks from recruits to commanders are available);
8. Representatives of the terrorist group Chaos Insurgency (ranks from private to lieutenant are available);
9. RRT or as they are called completely this Rapid response team (ranks from cadets to commanders are available);
10. Special security department;
11. And the last one is the representatives of the O5 Council.

The player who chooses a certain team the role he will play in this map will be automatically spawned in the room that was created and intended for certain teams. In other words, players will spawn in rooms that match their role in the game. We also draw your attention to the fact that a player with a certain role will not only be automatically moved to the premises of his team but also to his floor, in a special uniform and with special equipment created for his team.

Please note that each team will have a corresponding key (pass card), which each of which gives access to players depending on their level and rank.

In the screenshot below, you can see a large room where players will have to choose their role:

SCP Site (1)

Let's now take a closer look at the features of special passcards.

As mentioned earlier, the map key can be used by the player so that he can move around the Site-42 from one sector to another. This card key gives players access to specific levels and locations. Let's look at an example below.

For example, in the aforementioned containment zones with different levels of threat, a lower-threat zone requires a key with first or second level access, for a second high-threat zone, a level three or four key is required.

Also, a key card may be required so that you can get into the cafeteria, ventilation, armory, sewer, elevator, and many other rooms. In total, eleven Pass Key Cards will be added to the game.

Key card progression levels can be from 1 to 5 levels!

Key card types:

1. Utility;
2. Ethics;
3. Security;
4. MTF;
5. O5.

Please note that only two out of five groups can be upgraded using SCP-914.

As we said earlier, the lower the passcard level, the fewer places you have access to. For example, the first-level pass card key gives players the ability to open doors to places where a low level is required. For the second level, you must use the key card that corresponds to the room where you want to get. Use SCP-914 to improve or degrade the progression of your key.

Let's now take a look at the loot that players can find in different places on this map.

Please note that loot spawns randomly in different places of the Site-42 object.

Also, note that despite the fact that loot will spawn randomly on all floors of the SCP object, most often, most of it will spawn in the initial zone, which contains low-risk and safe objects, namely the Light Containment Zone.

Loot such as a sword, pass card key, bow, crossbow, different types of potions, and much more can help D-class personnel escape. This loot also spawns randomly and can be placed in an object called SCP-914. By placing their loot in this object, players can make certain improvements as well as deterioration.

Be careful, because if you overdo it and raise or lower the level of an item too much, it can turn into dust, thereby losing your loot.

The following are functional objects that players can find in the new map.

Available SCP objects:

1. The first object is called 002, a rather dangerous place:


2. The second object is called 087, only a miracle will help you manage to reach the bottom:


3. The third object is 914:


4. Object named 268:

5. And the last object called 207:

Now let's take a look at the aforementioned containment areas for different creatures. Please note that you will not find any creatures in the cells of the SCP zone, since this project only presents a map to the players, in order to add different SCP entities to the game, you can use additional addons.



























The last thing we will pay attention to is other objects and rooms that you can find while exploring the SCP base.

Other rooms and objects:


1. Tesla (can be fatal):

Tesla Gates (Deadly!)

2. Type A:

Gate A

3. Type A from the surface:

Gate A (Surface)

4. Type B:

Gate B

5. Type B from the surface:

Gate B (Surface)

6. Sewerage can be entered through the toilet:

Sewers (Accessed by Toilets in LCZ)

7. Ventilation which could only be accessed through a cafeteria or utility room:


8. A special system of announcements which is located at the entrance to the first zone:

Announcement System

9. In all danger zones you can see the breach alarm:

Breach Alarms

10. Special nuke room (please note that the access code for this room is 1876, but whether you share this information with others is another matter):

Special nuke room

11. Sector D for the maintenance of representatives of class D:

Sector D

12. And the last is an escape site on the surface for representatives of class D:

Exit Area

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