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Blazer Land Theme Park Map

Blazer Land Theme Park Map

Would you like to visit a large theme park to have fun with your friends? If yes you like amusement parks then the new Blazer Land map amusement park is what you need. This map allows each player to have fun at different attractions, visit different shops, and also ride a roller coaster! This map is medium in size and consists of five different themed parts of the park. Here you can visit such places as City of Future, Jungle, Valley of Kings, junior land and tropical island!

The most exciting part of the theme parks is of course the roller coasters. In the new map, players can ride five different types of roller coasters.

For a better experience and a good atmosphere, the most interesting and enjoyable biomes with various interesting sights have been added.

If you decide to relax with a large company of your friends, then the new hotel is what you need, because here it can accommodate up to 50 guests. The new hotel has 50 hotel rooms, a VIP room, a restaurant, and gardens that surround it. It is a pleasant place to relax after the rides.

In general, the new map allows players to discover 15 new attractions. All this and much more you will already see in the game!

Blazer Land Theme Park (1)

Blazer Land Theme Park (2)

Blazer Land Theme Park (3)

Blazer Land Theme Park (4)

Blazer Land Theme Park (5)

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