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Jurassic Park Adventure Map

Jurassic Park Adventure Add-on

A timeless land where, for the first time in millions of years, extinct animals from the distant past roam the earth. Thanks to the use of genetic technology, Jurassic Park has been recreated where the real dinosaurs live. You can visit the legendary park on the expanse of the Jurassic Park Adventure map in Minecraft. There are a lot of interesting things here that you have to see.

Jurassic Island map

Guest Center
Jurassic Park Adventure Map

Helicopter pad


Emergency Bunker

Golf Course

East Dock

North Dock


Main gate

Maintenance/utility shed


Field lab


Bone roller coaster

Carnivorous dinosaurs

Herbivorous dinosaurs

Flying dinosaurs

Amber Mine (Zone 1)
Retrieve amber from the mines, then place the loot in a chest to go to zone 2

Mining (Zone 2)
Extract fossils, then place the loot in a chest to go to the island of Nublar

Isle of Nublar


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