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Forest Roam Manor Map

Forest Roam Manor Map

The new map on which a large and very comfortable mansion is presented with everything you need, both inside and out. This mansion is called Forest Roam. This large mansion consists of many different rooms, such as guest bedrooms, master bedroom, and various entertaining rooms. This is a great place to relax. The new mansion is surrounded by a beautiful dense forest. In general, here you will find more than ten different rooms in addition to bedrooms, you will find a kitchen, bathrooms, storage, a room for crafting, a games room and others.

Important: For a better game and a better experience, this map was created using FlowsHD textures + ESBE shaders. This will help you enjoy this creation on any device. BUT, we draw your attention to the fact that in order for this to work, you need to separately download and apply them. This will improve the gameplay.

Inside the mansion is decorated in a very interesting style, which allows any player to enjoy their stay there. The rich interior with different objects makes this mansion unique. In addition to a beautiful interior view, you can see the beautiful backyard and the exterior of the mansion.

In the backyard, you can swim in the pool, play soccer on a small football field, and relax in the garden or near the fountain.

This is a great place to hold parties with your friends both inside the mansion and outside.

The mansion has a rectangular shape and consists entirely of all types of wood and stone. In some places, it has a rounded shape. In some places of the mansion, you can see a panoramic roof that consists of glass. There is only 1 floor, but there is enough space for any number of players.

Forest Roam Manor Map

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