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Funtopia Park (Roller Coaster) (Creation)

Funtopia Park (Roller Coaster) (Creation)

This project is really exciting, you can ask why? Because first, it is a park of amusements, a very big park, which is called Funtopia Park, also it was created only by two persons! Here you can see a pretty big amount of attractions and variety of different fascinating possibilities.

Description of the Funtopia park

It can be truly named as one of the biggest parks of amusements in the game, it is consists of twelve different areas on different themes:

1 Toy-(Very huge with many fascinating small things in the ground)
2 Dream Flight-(Amazing cave, where the water is flowing down)
3 Splash-(big amount of water slides)
4 Colour area-(in the center of the park)
5 Hell-(attraction with launch)
6 Sky-Land-(the best place for getting a ride on snowboard or ski)
7 Camping-(in the house or on the special cruise ship)
8 Africa-(special room, which is called an escape room)
9 Klugheim-(very beautiful medieval city)
10 Wild West-(part of the park which is created in western style)
11 Heaven-(The place of the best attractions)
12 Town of Mystery
Funtopia Park (Roller Coaster) (Creation)

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