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Hangshui City – UPDATE 5 Map

Hangshui City – UPDATE 5 Map

Under quarantine conditions, there is now no way to travel the world, but you have a great opportunity to visit different countries and worlds in the Minecraft world! We present to you a new city (fictional) created in the style of East Asia. A wonderful modern city with beautiful architecture awaits you.

Although this city is fictional, some of the ideas for creating certain places were borrowed from real cities in Asia. Beautiful Chinese culture, modern structures, and great detail. The new city is called Hangshui! Below are screenshots where you can see the places that players can visit:

1. A large and beautiful Chinese-style palace called Guangxing:


2. The four districts of Haishan, namely:

— Eastern:

Guangxing Palace (1)

— North:

Haishan District (North)

— Central:

City Hall Station

— South:

Haishan District (South) (Panorama)

3. Central road called Banqiao:

Banqiao Road

4. Bicycle path:

Separated Bike Lane

5. Night market:

Jinzhou Night Market

And other equally interesting places:

Hangshui City

Hangshui City (1)

Hangshui City (2)

Hangshui City – UPDATE 5 Map

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