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MCPE But If You Touch Grass You Die Map

MCPE But If You Touch Grass You Die map

Players love being challenged. They always want to face challenges, enemies, or themselves. One such challenge is the MCPE But If You Touch Grass You Die map for Minecraft. The main task, as always, is to deal with the dragon of the End. But here's the path promises to be a little more difficult than usual. It's all about the fact that you're not allowed to touch the grass. No way. No way. Otherwise, you'll die.

If you're watching youtuber-crafters, you may have already seen them go through similar challenges.

All you have to do is turn on one command unit and start surviving.

You can use any settings you want.

Gather resources and go to the Nether.

Blaze rods are needed to get fire powder.

Then you can go to the End.

With this point, too, it's pretty simple: kill a dragon.

If you can complete this challenge, you're one level closer to the best players in the block universe.


Changes in the new version
Improved performance on weak devices

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