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The Peaceful Challenge Map

The Peaceful Challenge Map

Are you not tired of constant battles, dangers that surround you, and hostile mobs that are constantly trying to kill you? Or maybe you are just a player who does not like war and aggression? If yes, then the new unique Peaceful Challenge map is what you need. If you are a peaceful player and want your Minecraft world to become as peaceful as you are, then the new map will definitely be interesting to you.

Now players can go all their way from one place to another without fear of dangers. You can also find new shops with unique enchantments for your equipment. Please note that achievements are available to players on this map. Let's take a closer look at the features of this map.

Features of a peaceful map

Your spawn place is located near the village and their players can find the necessary resources to start survival, in other words, a starter kit. Players can also go to the village and visit the new village shop. We draw your attention to the fact that players will have to choose between two lives, one of which will be living at their own discretion without any help, or use the proposed starter kit to have small advantages. Please note that the selection cannot be changed later. Think well and choose wisely, this choice may be final.

The Peaceful Challenge

It is possible that during your adventure you realize that something is missing, but this is not a problem. Since the peaceful world does not offer players all the necessary items, you can get them from the drops of different mobs that are described below.

Mob drops:

1. By killing cod, salmon, or tropical fish, you can get gunpowder;
2. Killing Hoglin will give you a Blaze Rod;
3. At the wandering trader you will find the Ender Pearl;
4. Kill the bat and get the Phantom Membrane;
5. Kill the pandas and get slimes;
6. Killing Pufferfish will give you Ghast Tear;
7. And the last thing is by killing the Ender Dragon you will receive the Totem of Undying. Each player who slays a dragon will receive three totems.

You can summon him again and kill him again, after which you will receive three more totems.

Please note that in general, all mobs have the same loot and drop after death as before. An additional drop has a different drop chance than a simple one, but in order to improve your drop from mobs, we recommend using a special enchantment that gives the loot effect, which in turn increases the drop chance.

The Peaceful Challenge (1)

In case you are suddenly interested, then such features as the functions of the sleep system and additional drop are controlled by special command blocks.

The Peaceful Challenge (2)

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