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Trash Collectors Map

Trash Collectors Map

Everyone knows that the world is struggling with a big problem: the oceans are constantly getting polluted. People are trying to clean up the seas and oceans, but they can't keep up with those who pollute it. You have to help with this, at least in the expanse of Minecraft. On the Trash Collectors map, you'll be able to collect trash from all the bodies of water. You will compete with your friends, and the statistics on the screen will always show who collected more.

The add-on includes a lot of interesting features: such as communicating with NPCs, boosting your character and even feeding turtles.

How does it work?
Use your bag and collect as much trash as possible. Whoever collects the most is considered the winner. You can't take turtles or fish. Only three minutes are given for everything.

The player can also end the round early if he collects trash quickly.
Trash Collectors Map

Types of trash
Plastic (1 unit)
Oil slick (3 units), sometimes seagrass falls out
Radioactive trash (5 items), there is a chance to be irradiated

Store bonuses
When feeding the turtles with seaweed, you can earn money, which is displayed in the menu. The money is spent in the store
Speed Booster: Increases swimming speed by 5 seconds. Cost: 50 Coins
Disguised Garbage: removes 3 units of garbage from the player who tries to collect. Cost: 40 Coins

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