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Minegames Map

Minegames Map

Minegames map is a collection of 10 minigames for Minecraft Bedrock that you can play with your friends. Invite your friends and have a great time. The author has designed each minigame as much as possible so that players enjoy the process. Among the games there are popular themes: hide-and-seek, PvP, parkour and more.

Lobby with mini-games
Here you have 10 games to choose from
There are secret teleporters.
Minegames Map

The Bridge
Play between two teams.
Goal: Get to the enemy gate and jump in to earn points.
Players cross a thin bridge, and that is the difficulty
Victory is awarded to the team that scores 5 points
Players will get armor, a diamond pickaxe, swords, and blocks
You can build walls or make your way to gates in other ways, it's up to you

Kitted FFA
16 types of equipment
It's simple: the winner is the last one to survive

A classic and fast game.
You have to throw other players off the blocks
Each has 5 lives.
Swords, fishing rods and bow and arrows are used for this

Here you can do anything you like: parkour, PvP, target shooting.
No goals, just relaxation

This one's pretty simple too: two teams with different equipment fight each other
The team with the last survivor wins.
Equipment: Iron sword, bow, arrows, golden apples

Hide N Seek
One player searches and the rest hide
If player finds all of them before time runs out, wins
If the hiding players manage to hide for a certain amount of time, they win.

Players are divided into teams and start on the hovering islands.
There will be chests of random loot on the islands.
You can move from island to island and get better and better loot.
Goal: stay alive and beat all other teams
You can use the craft

Parkour Race
Here you need to get to the finish line first
Emerald blocks will be save points, where you will find yourself after death
Two tracks, one heavier but shorter, and a lighter but slightly longer one

Build Temple
You need to build temples.
The team that builds the most temples in 5 minutes wins.
Blocks are obtained from the temples that are already built

As soon as you stand on a block, it will immediately fall.
Every second there are fewer blocks.
Whoever can hold out and be the last survivor wins

Clothing Shop
Once you win, you get points.
You can spend the points in the store and buy clothes.
Clothes don't work in minigames other than the playground
But the more clothes you wear, the cooler you'll be.

Changes in the new version
Added an older version of the add-on

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