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Mazi’s Minigames! Map

Mazi’s Minigames! Map

Would you like to discover a new world with many different exciting mini-games? If yes, then we present you with a new map with fifteen different mini-games that you can play both in single-player mode and in multiplayer mode. The new map is a very fun, interesting and exciting place that allows you to have fun and get new experiences.

A new map of this place each player can find something very interesting and exciting for himself. These mini-games allow players to have fun without interruption for many hours. On the new map, players will find such exciting games like Horror, Among Us, Battle Royale, Spliff, and much more. Have fun with your friends and choose the game that you like best.

There may be small bugs in the game, but they will not affect your gameplay.

Below you can see screenshots of some places of the mini-game:

Mazi’s Minigames! (1)
Mazi’s Minigames! (2)
Mazi’s Minigames! (3)

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