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Doggo Royale – Mega KitPvP Map

Doggo Royale – Mega KitPvP Map

We present you with an exciting new survival map called Doggo Royale. This is one of the best survival maps for you and your friends. Here you can improve your survival skills, train or get a new and most importantly useful experience. The new map was created in a unique style with beautiful terrain. All the relief and landscape were created manually by the creator of the addon. This map is a fairly large project that took a lot of time.

On the new map, players can find places like dungeons or labyrinths, see how cool it looks in the game:

Doggo Royale – Mega KitPvP Map

In addition, players can also find places, things, and objects like a store, fully functional NPCs, effects, tracks, and other interesting things.

Below you can see a place called the Lobby. This is the place where you will begin your journey:

Explore this fascinating and interesting map completely and find many different convenient places for battles.

Top view of the map:

Also, below is an example of an NPC with a store:

Last Minecraft PE FULL version 1.16.40
Last Minecraft PE BETA version
Doggo Royale – Mega KitPvP Map

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