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Mega House - Garden Map

Mega House - Garden Map

Do you like parkour? Would you like to go through new jumps and new challenges? If you like challenges and overcome new obstacles then the new Mega House map is what you need. This is a new map of parkour with typical parkour, but at the same time quite difficult jumps for this, be careful. It may take you more than an hour to complete this map, we also draw your attention to the fact that all jumps can be passed from beginning to end, if you cannot go further, do not be upset, try again.

We also draw your attention to the fact that the main goal of the players in this mini-game is to get out of the Mega House, overcoming various obstacles. All the action takes place in a huge house with different unique and interesting structures.

We want to note that the higher you climb, the more difficult the jumps will be. The new parkour map allows players to develop their parkour skills as well as gain new experiences.

The further the player gets, the more difficult it becomes to jump. Use your skills carefully and correctly calculate the trajectory of the jump.
Also, players can play this map together with their friends. Compete for who is the first to get to the top of this map and get out of the Mega House.

Mega House - Garden (1)
Mega House - Garden (2)

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