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Bleep Grid Parkour Map

Bleep Grid Parkour Map

Do you like parkour and would like to play it non-stop for a long time? If yes, then the new unique and very interesting Bleep Grid map is exactly what you need. The new map allows each player to have fun jumping, overcoming different obstacles and levels, improve their skills and gain new experience. If you like challenges and want to get a new experience then this map is what you need.

The new map is a large map in the form of a large grid with many different levels. All existing levels on this map have both completely different designs and quite similar, but this is not the most important thing, the most important thing is what you have to go through. In this parkour adventure, you will not be alone, and yes, this is not a player, this is an NPC. Your companion NPC is called Bleep. This mob will follow you everywhere and when you need it will be able to help you.

Bleep Grid Parkour (1)

Please note that you should not underestimate this map, as players will need good parkour skills and experience to complete all levels. But also do not be upset if you cannot pass a certain level, just try again, all levels are passable, for inexperienced players the first levels will be more convenient than the next.

Get new experience in parkour jumping. Below you can see screenshots of some places on this map:

Bleep Grid Parkour (2)
Bleep Grid Parkour (3)

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