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White Tower Parkour Map

White Tower Parkour Map

Do you like parkour and would like to spend more time overcoming various obstacles? If yes, then the new map parkour is exactly what you need. New map parkour is new difficult challenges that you have to go through. Please note that this map is not easy and if you already have at least some experience in parkour then this map may seem difficult for you.

If you have good parkour skills and want new experiences with different obstacles, then this map will be really interesting for you. This map can be called one of the most difficult of all existing maps of parkour. If you have little experience, you can try, but do not be upset if you fail, just try it once at once. If you are unsure of your skills, you can try it in creative mode first.

White Tower (1)

The new parkour map is presented in the form of a large white tower that has hundreds of different jumps. If you have been looking for something like that for a long time that will make you work hard then this map is what you need. Attention: If you fall you will have to start over, there are no checkpoints, only up and only from the beginning to the very top with one try.

White Tower (2)

Please be patient and be careful as your path to the finish line will be long enough as you have to go a long distance up. The tower in which you will overcome all obstacles is completely white so that nothing else would distract you.

White Tower (3)

White Tower (4)

If you are not confident in your abilities and still cannot get through, take care of your device and just quit.

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