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Sky Tower Parkour Map

Sky Tower Parkour Map

Would you like to play on a new functional and very interesting parkour map? If so, and you really would like to have an interesting time in the world of Minecraft, then the new Sky Tower parkour map will definitely interest you.

Here you will discover many different fun features such as Blindness, Speed Parkour, Jumping, and more. Each player can also try to get to the top of the tower by overcoming a large number of different obstacles. It won't be easy, but if you want to test your parkour skills or just improve them then this map is exactly what you need.

On the way up, players will pass different places, each of which can be similar and correspond to certain biomes and dimensions.

You can play this game together with your friends. The maximum number of players allowed on this map is thirty! You can play both in multiplayer mode and in single player. The first player to get to the very top of the tower will be the winner. In general, we draw your attention that the tower consists of 250 blocks upwards.

Sky Tower (1)

Sky Tower (2)

Sky Tower (3)

Sky Tower (4)

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