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MCPE Sky Islands Parkour Map

MCPE Sky Islands Parkour Map

Would you like to have a fun and enjoyable time passing different jumps on the new parkour map? If yes, then the new Sky Islands parkour map is what you need. This map allows players to have a fun and enjoyable time playing their favorite parkour and overcoming various obstacles. Please note that this map is not difficult to cross. The task of this map is to allow players to learn how to quickly and easily pass from simple to medium-severity jumps and obstacles. In general, you will see fairly light parkour here, but you can still test your skills.

We also draw your attention to the fact that this map consists of fifteen different courses, and as we said earlier, all of them are not difficult. Here you can have fun with your friends, competing or just overcoming different jumps.

Players can use additional potions and items that, at your discretion, may be useful when completing this map. Below you can see what the parkour islands will look like.

MCPE Sky Islands Parkour (1)

As you can see, all parkour islands have a unique and very interesting design and environment, and each island, as you progress from the first to the fifteenth, in this mini-game will be a checkpoint for the player.

MCPE Sky Islands Parkour (2)

To make it less boring, players can go as far as possible, and towards the end, you will come across more difficult levels of parkour.

MCPE Sky Islands Parkour (3)

Attention: Players can use cheats, but for a better experience we recommend playing fair, especially since you may not even need cheats here.

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