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Tower Of Death EXTREME Parkour Map

Tower Of Death EXTREME Parkour Map

Do you think you are good at parkour? Then the new map with impossible parkour is just for you! The new map is real impossible parkour that not everyone can go through, but if you succeed, it means that you are really a professional in your field. The new map consists of over 50,000 blocks. Please note that the new map is quite difficult and only experienced players who have enough experience can go through all the obstacles that arise on the way up. Yes, your path will lead you up, and below you will find deadly lava!

In general, this parkour map consists of five levels, namely black, green, red, orange, and yellow. The width of the map is 40x40 and the height is 256 blocks. At the bottom of this map, you will see the lava that fills the bottom. There is emptiness under the lava. If you are experienced and enjoy real challenges, then go adventure!

The new map is able to really test your parkour skills, if you don't have enough experience and skills then this map can be a good place to get new skills and improve your current ones. Here you have to go through more than 400 different jumps, each of which is not at all simple but requires maximum attention and caution.

Tower Of Death EXTREME Parkour (1)

In short, we will tell you what awaits you ahead: obstacles such as slime blocks, levitation, lava, ladder jumps, high-speed tracks, neo jumps await you. We also draw your attention to the fact that the higher, the more difficult the jumps will be.

The last level is pretty simple. Players will get the effect of speed with which they need to run a certain long section of the path with obstacles in the form of different holes. After completing this level, players can access an additional Extra level.

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Tower Of Death EXTREME Parkour Map

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