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Parkour Tower Map

Parkour Tower Map

Are you bored and want something fun, interesting, and useful? Then the new map parkour Tower is exactly what you need to have fun with your friends. This is a new long map that allows every player, both beginners, and experienced players, to gain or improve their parkour skills. Also, here you can get a new experience from passing this long parkour map. If you don't want to test your parkour skills, but just discover something new or have fun with friends, then the new map is what you need.

Please note that in order to make the adventure on the new map not boring and monotonous, the entire map was made using blocks of different colors.

As you probably already understood from the name of this map, players will have to go through all the obstacles in their path, climbing up the tower. With each new challenge, the player will climb higher and higher in the tower. All new places and levels have different colors so that you are not so bored.

Parkour Tower (1)

There are no extremely complex parkour elements here, everything is simple and interesting, so it will be interesting for you to jump from the beginning to the end of the tower. As already mentioned, this is a long map of parkour which consists of more than 350 blocks in height.

This parkour map can be completed, in some places, if you think you are stuck try again. This is probably one of the best maps for a better experience and improved parkour skills.

Parkour Tower (2)

As mentioned earlier, players here can play together with their friends as the multiplayer mode is available!

At certain levels of this map, you can see spawn points. After dying, you can not be afraid of losing all progress, and you simply respawn at the last point of the spawn.

Parkour Tower (3)

The Info item button has an image of a skull. This button can kill players.

Parkour Tower (4)

Parkour Tower (5)

Parkour Tower (6)

This map only supports Minecraft PE versions and higher!

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