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Rainbow Surf Parkour Map

Rainbow Surf Parkour Map

Do you like to have fun playing different maps of parkour with your friends? If yes and you like jumping and different jumps with obstacles or just new interesting parkour locations then the new Rainbow Surf map mini-game is exactly what you need. This is a new interesting map with a unique design of locations, as well as new and exciting parkour.

This is the same map parkour that everyone will definitely like, and also one of the few that can become a favorite map for parkour! Let's take a closer look at the new parkour map below.

Map features

As mentioned earlier, players can now have fun playing and having fun jumping across different levels of parkour using their parkour skills and experience to reach the finish line. In general, this map consists of twelve levels, including six levels of parkour and six levels of other equally interesting mini-games.

So that you understand what this map of parkour is like, it is a large tower with a colorful middle in which players have to go through all the obstacles. Inside this tower, you will see all the colors of the rainbow, which will also give your walkthrough a fun and good mood. The background of this map is made so that you don't get bored with parkour.

We also draw your attention to how the level mechanics work here! When players pass one level of parkour, they will be moved to the level of another mini-game after which they will be transferred to the second level of parkour, and so on. In other words, one parkour level is a parkour level with a bonus mini-game level!

Also, if the player ran into some kind of problems in passing this map and cannot go further, he can skip the parkour levels, well, or try to pass them all the same, since they are 100% passable.

Please note that if the player decides to skip the parkour levels, in any case, he will have to go through the mini-game levels, since they cannot be skipped and you still have to put in your efforts.

Parkour levels and post-level mini-game:

First level: Orange rainbow tower.

Post-level mini-game: Find the button;

Second level: Green rainbow tower.

Post-level mini-game: Labyrinth;

Third level: Yellow rainbow tower.

Post-level mini-game: Archery;

Fourth level: Blue rainbow tower.

Post-level mini-game: Find the button;

Fifth level: Pink rainbow tower.

Post-level mini-game: Labyrinth;

The sixth level: Red rainbow tower.

Post-level mini-game: Dropper.

Below you can see how some places of this mini-game look like:

Rainbow Surf Parkour (1)
Rainbow Surf Parkour (2)
Rainbow Surf Parkour (3)
Rainbow Surf Parkour (4)
Rainbow Surf Parkour (5)
Rainbow Surf Parkour (6)
Rainbow Surf Parkour (7)
Rainbow Surf Parkour (8)

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