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Hide And Seek Desert Map

Hide And Seek Desert Map

Do you like the genre of the games in Minecraft such as Hiding and Seeking? If yes, then the new hide and seek style map is exactly what you need. The new mini-game of hiding and seeking is called Desert! This is a new addicting mini-game for all fans of hiding and seeking. This game is designed for you and your friends to have fun. In this game, all players are divided into two teams, one of which is those players who will be seekers, and the second are those who are hiding.

The main task of the seeker is to find all the other players whose main aim is to hide somewhere on the map. In case the seeker found and hits the player who is trying to hide. After the seeker will find the player who is hiding he will have to help the seeker to find other players that are in their turn are trying to hide somewhere on the map. The time that is given to the seeker to find all the other players is five minutes. After the expiration of time, those players whose seeker could not be found will win this game!

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In general, in order for each of the teams to win, it is necessary to finish the game following its goal, for example, for a seeker, to find, catch up and touch another player according to the principle of hiding and seek, after which he, in turn, must do the same, thereby helping to find the other players who is trying to hide. The player who starts playing in the team of the seeker is given twenty seconds of waiting, after which he must start searching for other players who in their turn are trying to hide.

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In order to complicate the game for those players who are hiding, certain gifts will appear in the open places of the map, but we draw your attention to the fact that this can be dangerous for you, since the seeker can first find you, and secondly, in addition to good and useful gifts, the player can get both bad and harmful.

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