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Hide & Seek TOWNSTRIKE Map

Hide & Seek TOWNSTRIKE Map

Do you like maps in the genre of hide and seek? If yes, then the new map is exactly what you need! The new map allows all players to have fun playing hide and seek. This is a very interesting and dynamic map for those who like difficulties and challenges. This is a large map that consists of a large number of different structures for hide and seek, and is also divided into several parts, namely the garden, the mansion, and the city, in addition to these parts, you can also get into the labyrinth.

Explore all hide-and-seek structures available to players that are located in different places.

We draw your attention to the fact that the seekers, as always, according to the rules, must wait until the other players hide and leave a certain territory, and then go to look for and catch up with them.

Enjoy a pleasant game on the new map for hide and seek, play with your friends and get more experience and emotions.

Hide & Seek TOWNSTRIKE (1)

Hide & Seek TOWNSTRIKE (2)

Hide & Seek TOWNSTRIKE (3)

Hide & Seek TOWNSTRIKE (4)

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