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I Have To Leave Map

I Have To Leave Map

Do you like fascinating survival maps that have different challenges? If yes and you like different types of survival maps, then the new I Have To Leave map is what you need. This is a new survival map in the puzzle and battle genre. It has everything you need for the best experience, namely puzzles, battles, parkour, and even horror. Please note that this game is without jumpscares.

As mentioned above, this map has some elements of horror, but the horror elements here are faced by players not just as different hostile mobs (which of course will be), but because of the gloomy and eerie atmosphere.

This game has a small storyline which we will now tell you about.

It all starts with the fact that your main goal is to get in and explore the cave. But there is one problem, you have amnesia attacks. After getting into the cave, you had amnesia and now your main task is to find a way out of it and stay alive, since on your way you face a large number of dangerous obstacles and creatures.

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The cave is a very large dangerous lava gorge, where you must use your parkour skills to move forward overcoming various obstacles. In addition to lava places and gorges, you will also have to go through the dark places of the cave with only flint and steel. One of the dangers of this cave is also hostile hordes of mobs that will attack you, so be careful.

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