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Mining Simulator Prison Map

Mining Simulator Prison map

Do you want to role-play with your friends in Minecraft? The Mining Simulator Prison map offers prison survival. To do so, you'll have to explore mines and mine minerals. The build offers a variety of features: pickaxes, 7 types of mines, more than 14 types of ore, NPCs with tasks, drills, and more. Play on your own or with your friends.

7 mines
14 types of ore
Automatic drills
Parkour Challenges
Pet Shop
Endless Reinforcements

How to play?
First you need to talk to miner Steve and get a wooden pickaxe. Mine the blocks and turn them in to the NPC, the Treasure Hunter. To do this, you need to stand on the pressure plate next to him.

You can also complete a variety of challenges, such as parkour or quests from NPCs, to get money. Different things can happen at any time, so be prepared for them.

You can spend your earnings in the store. Everything from picks to automatic drills are available. There are also explosive devices or reinforcements for quick mining.

You can buy a pet and even a case of Shulker.

You need to buy a rare pickaxe and earn enough money to complete levels.

Cobble Mine.

Underwater Ruins Mine

Mesa Mine

Lower World Mine

Wasteland Mine

Mine of ruined bastion

Castle Mine

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