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Raiyon's Tree Capitator Add-on 1.19

Raiyon's Tree Capitator Add-on

Tired of wasting a lot of time on wood mining in Minecraft Bedrock? We suggest you save your precious time and install Raiyon's Tree Capitator mod. As in all similar add-ons, you will be able to quickly cut down trees by breaking just one block.

In real life, all you have to do is break a tree from below for it to fall. So why should it be any different in the block world? Now you can break the lowest block so that the entire tree falls in the drop.
Raiyon's Tree Capitator Add-on 1.19

The addition works for any kind of tree.

Changes in the new version
Compatible with 1.19
Fixed textures
Added compatibility with multiplayer
Reduced drop time for wood

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