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Palm Trees Add-on 1.14/1.13/1.12+

Palm Trees Add-on 1.14/1.13/1.12+

A new and very interesting addon that adds new trees to your Minecraft world, namely palm trees! These new trees will be generated naturally in a desert biome. Palm trees will certainly improve the environment familiar to all the desert and it will not seem so empty to everyone, and it will also add more realism. In addition to palm trees, new palm blocks will also be added.

How does it work?

Palm trees have their own special feature, the essence of which is that they are generated in a natural way interacting with the landscape of the biome and in the whole Minecraft world. We draw your attention to the fact that the player can find these trees only in that part of the Minecraft world that has not yet loaded. For example, if you decide to play for survival using this addon, you should go to the farthest desert where you have not been before, only there you will find palm trees. But believe me, it's worth it.

In the images below you will also see new palm blocks. In addition, you will see new leaves, logs, and boards in the style of a palm tree. If the player wants to get palm leaves, he needs to use the enchanted silk touch.

Please draw your attention to the fact that the desert biome is empty and this does not mean that after installing this add-on it will be completely covered with palm trees. In the desert, there will be empty places without any trees, but at the same time will be partially surrounded by palm trees.

Palm Trees Add-on 1.14/1.13/1.12+

See below how it will look in the game:

Recipes for crafting:

In order for the addon to work properly, do not forget to activate the experimental mode.

Palm Trees Add-on 1.14/1.13/1.12+

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