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Half-Life 1 Add-on 1.20

Half-Life 1 Add-on

Half-Life 1 is a legendary game that can now be introduced into Minecraft PE with this mod. The addon brings in the most terrifying mobs from the original and provides firearms to eradicate these beings. NPCs and other mobs will also appear, allowing you to interact with them.

Mobs and Characters

- Headcrab
Half-Life 1 Add-on 1.20

- Zombie Headcrab

- Standard Zombie Guard

- Standard Zombie Guard 2

- Standard Zombie Scientist

- Gonome

- Bull Squid

- Alien

- Gonarch

- Vortigaunt

- Science Team

- Gordon Freeman

- Builder

- Houndeye

- Marines

- Black-Ops

Weapons and Items

- Crowbar

- Glock-17

- Colt Python

- Desert Eagle

- Combat Shotgun

- SPAS-12

- MP5

- M4A1

- M249

- Tau Cannon

- Explosive Pack

- Items in the inventory

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