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Road Builder Add-on 1.16+

Road Builder Add-on

Would you like to quickly and at the same time professionally and efficiently lay the road in the Minecraft world? If so, then new road construction machines will help you with this. With this mechanism, players will be able to lay the road with ease. But as in life, building the road is not cheap, so you have to work hard to get such materials as gold, iron, and lapis.

These are the materials that you can use to fuel your road construction vehicles. Using this opportunity, players will gain a lot of useful experience and simplify the construction of their maps and road connections in the city or outside the city.

How does it work?

Everything is very simple, first craft a road construction vehicle, then fill it with the necessary resources and start laying your own roads. As mentioned earlier, it will not be cheap, but this is all the interest since all materials will not be cheap, you will need to work hard, but in the end, you will find a very exciting and fun process of paving roads.

Road Builder

The first thing the players have to do is craft a new road construction mechanism, a kind of road paver.

Below is a crafting recipe that allows players to craft a spawn egg for a given vehicle. After you craft, this crafting egg, place it on the ground:

road construction mechanism

As you might have guessed, black blocks are nothing more than netherite!

The road paver uses resources such as gold, iron, and lapis to build roads. You can see a detailed description of what types of roads will be built using these resources below:

1. To build wooden roads, you must use such a resource as gold;
2. To build white or dark gray concrete roads it is necessary to use such a resource as lapis;
3. To build white or orange concrete roads, you need to use such a resource as iron.

During the use of your paving machine, special support elements 40 blocks high will be created below you.

When the players decide what type of road they need for their maps, they need to do the following:

1. Players must hold the desired block in their hands and interact with their road paver (for the mobile version of the game, you just need to long-press on the paver, for the PC version with the right mouse button), after which you will sit behind the wheel;
2. Then go to the place where you would like to start or continue to pave the road;
3. When players run out of your special construction fuel 75 seconds after starting the road, you will see a special alert. The speed of your paving machine will slow down and buildings and vehicles will eventually stop. Wait six seconds and continue on.

Road Builder (1)

Please note that this paving machine can also create tunnels, try and experiment!

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