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Battalion: The Final Hours Undead Overrun Map

Battalion: The Final Hours Undead Overrun Map

It seemed to everyone that the war was over in 1918. The corpses were buried, and the survivors lived for many more years. Unfortunately, it was not quite like that. The buried souls could not find peace and broke free. Now they will wander on the map Battalion: The Final Hours Undead Overrun in Minecraft. They have risen in the form of the most dangerous zombies. You need to find a vaccine and cure all the infected.


You can play this map with your friends.

According to the plot, an infection has been produced in the war that is supposed to help one side. Soldiers infected with the infection didn't die at all, but the side effects were hard to calculate. Rising zombies were uncontrollable and infected everyone. Only you can deal with this epidemic.

Missions are near lighthouses. Also scattered around the map are camps where you can sleep and leave a revival point.

Look for a variety of things around the world: there are eight drafts hidden here that you can find.

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