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Sumo PVP Map

Sumo PVP Map

Do you like PvP battles between your friends? If yes and you want to improve your skills in PvP battles, then the new PvP map Sumo is what you need. The new map allows players to fight against each other, the goal of each of which is to push their opponent out of the ring/tatami. Try to push your rivals out of the map using one of the available battle modes.

Players have access to additional map settings, where they can choose one of the available battle options and map parameters. Also, players can choose one of three available battlefield sizes.

Below you can see screenshots of the in-game Hub and lobby where you set up the game conditions and modes.

The Hub

Options to Choose From

Also, as mentioned earlier, players can choose one of the three available battlefield sizes, namely:

1. 7 x 7:

7 x 7

2. 13 x 13:

13 x 13

3. 21 x 21:

21 x 21

Winner stand:

The Podium

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